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Latest update: Grounds all closed
 Camps in Gymea, Castle Hill and Ryde
You can also start registering now for the 2nd. term on different venues.
Well Done Kevin De Moraes, in his initial stages in training with the first team at Mount Pritchard FC and we wish him all the best. Confident in saying that he will make a few appearances before season is over. Well done, keep going Kevin !!!!!

 PLEASE NOTE: We simply specialise on individual skills so your son/daughter can enjoy their game even more. SFA focuses on things that Club coaches have not got time for.

Sydney Football Academy squad that toured Valencia C.F. (Spain) 2016. Below

Academy Players visiting Valencia CF and meeting Australian goolkeeper Matthew Ryan 2015 tour.
Academy players meeting Australian Goalkeeper Matthew Ryan in Valencia CF, Spain.(click on photo)  Academy players interviewing Ryan 

Academy players meeting current Uruguayan international player Jorge Fucile on our South American tour. Fucile an ex Porto player for 9 seasons and played 2010 & 2014 World cup.

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2nd. Term starts April 24th 2017

To register contact George on 0417 481 805  or
 Leticia on 0425 331 177 

You can register next term on any of the venues that suits you.
Please note: catch up sessions can be done within the term attending, not after.

SFA Program-

Academy  mainly focuses on individual skills, working through stagesCommon things that happens continuously in a game such as coming out of tight situations, running with the ball and changing direction as a base. Then depending on what stage player is at, we start adding important developing details such as heading, through balls, chest ball, reverse passes, striking of the ball, volleys, receiving throw ins, dealing with high ball and looking over their shoulders. Please note: we do not focus on passing and receiving as players do that with their respective clubs.We believe that you do not need to pay to learn passing and receiving as you can do it in your back yard or team training session.        

SFA philosophy is to be enriched by our experience with and knowledge acquired from leading football nations.
We look to develop individual attributes to each player with the SFA difference as per their age group.
Please note: we only focus from 5 to 16 years old. From then on is the senior stage which players need to master positions and the tactical side of the game and where players have to be ready to play both type of situations (the passing game and the individual brilliance needed which will make the difference).      

Re: SFA Licenses available

Contact us regarding SFA Licenses in other areas such Central Coast, Wollongong or Country areas or even working with litlle kids (from 2 to 4 and half years old). We would help you set up and run your own business. Following the same programs and mentality as SFA currently has with updates during the process. 
  You can contact us on  0417 481 805
                                        George Fernandez

                    *Will be updated on a weekly basis

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